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Copperwoman’s Recordings
“Where does it come from, that sweet inspiration? ...planted by spirit seeds so fine” it's a gift to write a song. To have “inspired notions” and common experiences come through in the form of lyrical melodies is how I would describe my songwriting. A vessel filled to overflowing it is such a joy to share the "ever changing melodies and enchanting tones.” Being in harmony in song is a way to join energies, share positive vibrations, and help heal the planet. “We are your family, let our love encircle you.”

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Copperwoman: Blessingway Songs

Blessingway Songs (2005)

Circle Surrounding • Sisters You Give Me Courage
Ancient Mother • Return to the Womb • The River She Is Flowing
Mama Ocean • You Always Know • Deep Down • Oh Sayambei • Simply Trust • I Am Opening • I Am A Hollow Bamboo • I Open To Feel the Love • Born • Yana Hoeh • I Love My Baby • Older Wiser

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In October of 2005, Copperwoman gathered with a group of Midwives at Esalen on the central California coast and sang thoughout the weekend. She taught her original songs and shared well-known circlesongs. On the Sunday of that weekend they went to a studio in Big Sur and with 19 women singing, recorded 17 Ritual Music Songs to produce the CD, Blessingway Songs. To learn more about this project, go to

Copperwoman: Gratitude

Gratitude (September 2008)

Counting Our Blessings 4:05 • Have I Learned 1:46 • I Release 3:12
Send You Love 3:32 • Oh Bone Marrow 1:45I’m Radiant 1:43
Drink of Water 2:13 • Bless This Food 2:30 • Grow 2:39
Hold Wholeness Holy 6:08 • Totally 3:40 • Thank You For Guiding Me 1:52
Someday 1:44 • Thank you Goddess 1:25 • I Turn My Light On 4:40

Click on the underlined songs above to hear samples.

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Copperwoman is a breast cancer survivor. She worked with natural healing methods for a year, and took on the task of loving herself and life to stay alive. During this journey she found the key ingredients to her healing were positive attitude and gratitude. After the tumors would not leave her body, she decided to enter into the western healing world. Into that world, she took her magic and positive faith in her ability to heal. Over the course of her journey she turned her inspired guidance into healing songs. "Gratitude" is a gift to all of us who are traveling the road of life with its myriad challenges. Joining Copperwoman on this recording are Beth Brown, Samantra and Sudhananda. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Dragonfly Studio in Redway, CA by Sudhananda.

Music is the Medicine (May 2010)

There's A Circle Surrounding • Gotta Give Thanks • Purify My Being
For Some Reason • On the Upward Journey • I Command All Cords
Mama Ocean • Something Going On • I Am Here for You
Hold Wholeness Holy • Would You Care • You Can Do
Love Makes the World Go Round • Enter Gently • Power is the Rite
Uniting • Totally

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Music is the Medicine is a Live Recording from a class that Copperwoman taught in May of 2010 at the Women's Herbal Symposium in Laytonville, CA.

The class took place in a Tipi on Sacred Land and the singers on the recording are women that attended the symposium. It is a selection of songs written by Copperwoman—some previously recorded—and several that have been written since her last CD. They are songs that are usefull in all types of ritual situations.

Click here for a chart of Copperwoman Songs and the occasions for which they can be used.

We Are Ancient, We Are Now (1998)

We Are Ancient, We Are Now • I Will Be Gentle With Myself
I’m Getting Over • Crawling Out Of My Skin • Sisters You Give Me Courage
Deep Down • I Am Here For You • You Always Know • Can We Be Here?
One Voice, One Light • Power Is The Rite • Grace’s Song • Illuminate My Heart
Walking Hand In Hand W/ Spirit • Thank You For Calling Us
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There is a longing to feel our connection to one another that prevails among many people today. Something deep in our hearts and souls that urges us to reach out for support and love—a desire to feel part of a greater family. Music can be a way to experience this connection we hunger for. And singing together can feed our souls. The CD, “We Are Ancient We Are Now” was born out of a need and a desire for songs that are easily learned and can be sung when people gather. All but one of the songs on this CD are original CircleSongs written by Copperwoman. The songs she writes often emerge out of the energy and common experience of people as they join together. In our search for ways to feel connected we turn to Ritual Gatherings to celebrate, honor and acknowledge spirit and each other. The songs on Copperwoman’s CD nourish feelings of closeness and unity, and when sung in circles of people assist in the raising of vibration creating a fertile ground for prayer and healing.

How'd That Song Go? (2003)

There’s A circle Surrounding • Stories Are Stored in the Stones
Oh Grandmother • I Offer You • Spirit I Know You Hear Me
Would You Care To Sit with Me? • Nothings Gonna Take It • I Give Back Surrender To An Open Heart • Every Problem Has A Solution
We Gotta Give Thanks • Older Wiser • I’d Like To Be Your Friend

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At the end of many gatherings where we’ve been doing a lot of singing, people will ask me, “How’d that song go.” This is a recording to answer that question for 13 songs. It was done quickly in a studio to meet an impossible deadline, so it is not highest “performance” quality. But it does have a lot of “character” and will certainly help you to learn several songs. All of Copperwoman’s songs are sing-a-long-songs. I welcome you to sing your heart out while listening to this recording—as well as all of the others—and have fun!
Knocking on the Door (1980 Children's Music)

afraid of bugs • monster • ants • ladybug • caterpillar • polliwog • bodies
lizard • oh dear • zoo • banana slug • only one of me • that egg • rocking chair cloud • shining bright • do you have a pet? • skunk • black widow • gopher skeeters • spider web • bumble bee • warts • where is your nose?
I’m growing • seed • water falling • wrap your arms round me • I’ve got a mom • occupations • kinda funny • all I really want to do • enter gently

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“These songs were there, knocking on the door. I just happened to be around and let them in.” This recording was originally produced in 1980. Carolyn Saso (Copperwoman) was the mother of a preschooler and working with young children at the San Lorenzo Valley Children’s Center in Ben Lomond, California. When interviewing for her job at the children’s center, she stated that she would like to write “new” songs for children—songs with positive ideas and catchy tunes that would have children singing lyrics that fed positive self esteem and appreciation of nature.

And that’s exactly what happened. It was a prolific time. In the course of 2 years she “brought through” over 50 children’s songs. The first 34 are on “Knocking on the Door” and the next 19 make up “Let’s Sing Together.” (Continued below...)

Let's Sing Together (1984 Children's Music)

hug • walk now • storm flood of ‘82 • sun, sun, sun • cookin’/pocket
I have this hammer • waiting patiently • me and my friend
my dog • 1-2-3-4 • I fell down • do a little dancin’ • watch me
de que color? • Mary, Mary • if you put it back • in case it rains
el sol • uniting

Click here for a pdf of song lyrics and guitar cords

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Preschool and K-3 teachers began to ask her to teach them the songs. And that is how the recordings came about. She managed to get the funds together to make the recordings and teachers were so grateful to have such tools available to learn new children’s songs.

You can get an idea about the songs from their titles and the lyrics.

Copperwoman Song Lyric Collection

Copperwoman's songbook currently has the song lyrics (no cords)
to 146 songs. It is a collection of songs written by Copperwoman
and ones collected over the years from various circles.

It is the book she uses when she leads CircleSong
and it contains all of the songs on her CDs
except for the children's songs which have their own
downloadable pdfs above.

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